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Guildelines for Workshop Facilitators

Here is a brief checklist of ways to best design and promote your Tremont Brainery workshop

  • Map out a workshop for 60-90 minutes - it can be onsite somewhere, virtual, or a hybrid

  • Unless you specify otherwise in the workshop description, aim for beginner level learning (as in, no prerequisites)

  • These workshops are free: if you have materials for participants to purchase, specify in the workshop description what these include and the related costs to participants

  • Make it as hands-on interactive as possible

  • Printed or linked handouts are useful and optional

  • If you have a lot to offer, consider a part 2 or multi-part series. A single stand-alone workshop is just fine.

  • Promote your workshop online, by email, and word of mouth anywhere you can - send people to the website (

  • When you're ready to schedule a workshop, complete this form and we'll follow up with you.

Get your workshop on the site here

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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